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FREE IN-STORE EVENT: REALIZE Your Strength (Colorado Nutrition, FTC)

Join us for a FREE night together! This is PART 2 of a 4-Month Fitness, Nutrition, and Goal-Setting Series called, "It's Your Year!"

REALIZE YOUR STRENGTH: Pushing Through Despite Roadblocks & Setbacks | Consistency is key and motivation is fleeting. How to keep going even when you stumble or find road blocks, life happens!

7:00 PM: GET YOUR FREE Body Composition (InBody570) Scan!

7:15 PM: Why Fueling Your Body Gives You the Results You Want—Matt Preston & Kirsten Freeh, Owner & Manager of Colorado Nutrition

7:30 PM: Why OTF Builds Strength, But Not Only Physical—Hayley Dudek, Studio Manager OTF Drake

7:45 PM: Owning YOUR Leadership and YOUR WHY—Jennifer Watson, Jennifer Watson Leadership

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