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Meet Your Body's Needs with Custom Meal Planning
{Available in Boulder and Fort Collins}

Your nutrient needs are just as unique as you are...

The reality is that there is no cookie-cutter approach to healthy nutrition. What works for one person might not work for others. However, there are some basic biological principles that dictate fat loss and/or lean muscle gains.

Our goal is to not only to teach you how and what to eat, but also to teach you why you are eating it. This will allow for you to develop lifelong eating habits that cater to your lifestyle.

We will provide you the guidance, support, and information you need to achieve your desired body composition and performance level. As your body and performance change, your nutrient and caloric needs will change accordingly. Your nutritionist will coach you on how to accommodate these necessary changes in order to sustain progress in your training and fitness goals. 

A Nutrition Consultation and Plan

A "Nutrition Evaluation" at Colorado Nutrition means we work directly with you and your specific goals to determine what supplementation your body needs to perform at its optimal level whether it is during an athletic performance or just surviving a typical day. To achieve the physique and feeling you have always wanted, healthy lifestyle changes are needed. Your evaluation is designed specifically for you, your goals, and what you want out of life.

How It Works

A Registered Dietitian or Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach™ assesses your current 'state of being' by analyzing your gender, age, height, weight, basic metabolic rate (BMR), thermic effect of foods, your body composition (using our InBody 570), daily schedule, food preferences, and current exercise activity.

With your information, your coach will develop your customized nutrition plan; created for your body to guide your health and fitness goals in a safe, effective, and proven, healthy plan. 

At Colorado Nutrition, we'll show you a specific, yet simple way to eat properly. Through your personalized nutrition evaluation, we will help you to understand:

  • WHAT foods to eat

  • HOW much to eat

  • WHEN to eat

  • WAYS it relates to your body and lifestyle


• Personal Food Log Evaluation
• InBody Scans (Weight, Muscle Mass, Body Fat Mass, Body Fat Percentage, Hydration Status)
• Customized Meal Plan
• Scheduled, Weekly Follow-ups with your Nutritionist
• Evaluation of Training/Exercise Plan
• Unlimited Phone & E-mail Support


1. Optimum Results: $699

• Comprehensive Initial Evaluation & Assessment
• 8 Follow-up sessions
• 9 InBody570 Body Composition Analysis
• Includes use of software until end of package
• 20% OFF Product

2. Jump Start: $499

• Comprehensive Initial Evaluation & Assessment
• 5 Follow-up sessions
• 6 InBody570 Body Composition Analysis
• Includes use of software until end of package
• 15% OFF Product

3. Basic: $399

• Comprehensive Initial Evaluation & Assessment
• 3 Follow-up sessions
• 4 InBody570 Body Composition Analysis
• Includes use of software until end of package
• 10% OFF Product

*We do not take before and after pictures of our nutrition clients. As pictures can be Photoshopped (the internet is full of that). We do display their InBody results- this data cannot be changed. It is stored on a cloud and cannot be changed by us.

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