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Realistic Fat Loss Expectations: What is Possible?

If you are experiencing radical weight loss after starting an exercise regime—it might not be based on fat loss, read more below to learn why!


Did you know that the maximum rate of fat oxidation during exercise is about 0.7g per minute? That's 42g of fat during your 1 hr of exercise. If you worked out 5 times in one week, you would burn 210g of fat or about a half a pound!

It will take about a month to burn 2lbs of fat through exercise, alone. If you lose weight quickly, it could be from water or muscle loss.

Be patient with your body (or booty :). Don't allow the main stream media convince you that you can or should be able loss 20lbs in a's just not healthy (or realistic).

What works for effective, long-term weight loss? A realistic plan that takes every unique thing about YOU into consideration! Jump over to learn more about our Custom Nutrition Plans. A 4, 6, or 8-week plan shows you what you should eat, when you should eat it, and how much of it your body needs. It will fuel your body in a way that allows you to lose fat!

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